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Bay Windows

bay windowMany homeowners in the Calgary and Toronto areas are interested in completing renovations for Bay Windows within their home. Bay Windows in Toronto and Calgary are extremely popular, and it is no wonder that this is becoming a recurring trend, as they have become increasingly more attractive for raising a home’s resale value.

A bay window is an excellent choice for your living room.
This type of  window is designed using a central window supported by two side windows set at an angle to project the central window outward. Such window structure makes the living room appear to be much larger than it is and often welcomes much more natural light into the living room than any other type of window.


Bay windows can also work extremely well at providing you with a good spot for a bench or display area. Because the window needs to be set outside of your wall, there is usually a nice landing space that is created after its installation. This can be the perfect place for plants, and if you regularly keep houseplants, this environment is great for keeping plants healthy while also displaying them inside your home. For indoor gardeners a bay window is an absolute necessary.

Having bay windows in Calgary and Toronto could really accent and “wow” any new home-buyers that you may take through your home, as they have a resounding aesthetic appeal and home-buyers across Canada will regularly be checking off bay windows as something to look for within a new home. Because of the added square footage, as well as the ability to really open up any space that you might have within a home, bay windows are excellent for aesthetics and can show off the craftsmanship of your house. A bay window can really become an amazing accent piece in any room that it’s placed in.

The exterior of your home can also be granted an amazing boost from the installation of a bay window. These curved windows are extremely noticeable on the exterior of your home because they protrude out and work to showcase and accent the architecture of the building.  They are also easy to clean and make a home appear much larger, especially on the exterior.

For airflow in your home, bay windows are also extremely useful. The standard bay window will open at the sides, and have two opening or operating windows. Rather than a traditional window that may only open in just a small section, these magnificent windows to drastically increased the ventilation in your home by offering a good cross-breeze, all in one individual window. If you regularly like to air out your home a big window can help you do this faster and more efficiently.

Should you have any questions about installing bay windows, or if you are interested in getting a free quote on installing bay windows in the Toronto and Calgary areas, trust the industry-leading experts at Meridian Windows & Doors. Feel free to contact us online or through our customer service line for more information.

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