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Bow Windows

bow1Bow windows add elegant, soft curves to the home as well as sweeping panoramic views, which makes them appealing to homeowners and designers alike. They are a stunning architectural enhancement with instant curb appeal. Bow windows have more glass panels joined at smaller angles to achieve a softer rounded look and they do not project as far outward as bay windows. Bow windows also add space to a room without adding square footage. They must be custom-built to the specifications of the space into which they will be installed.

Bay Windows

bay1Bay windows are a beautiful way to invite more light and space into the home without adding square footage. A bay window can be used anywhere there is sufficient exterior space. Its architectural design and panoramic view adds value to the home and is very popular with homeowners. All bay windows are custom-built to the specifications of the space into which they will be installed.

Architectural And Custom Windows

custom1Meridian’s architectural shapes incomparable aesthetic beauty that harmonizes with the unique custom design of any home. In addition to standard shapes and sizes, we can create custom shapes, in any size to suit both new construction and replacement windows. Stunning curves and arches to spectacular atypical geometric shapes, we are able to create it all. Our latest technology and talent for design will not only ensure a beautifully designed window, but an efficient and functional one as well.

End Vent Slider Windows

This type of window is often preferred in endvent1the case where a sliding window is desired but the opening is wider than 72”. The central picture window provides a beautiful focal point; the sliders at each end provide ventilation. Possessing an equally classical look to the single slider, the end vent slider has sashes at both endvent2ends that tilt inward for easy cleaning form within the house. This economical and well-designed window is also popular among builders.

Double Slider Tilt Windows

dslider1This style is very popular with homeowners not only because it is stylish but also because it is easy to operate. It is ideal for rooms that have large windows and require great ventilation without compromising view. Both sashes tilt inward and the full screen is removable to allow for easy cleaning from inside the house.

Single Slider Tilt Windows

sslider1This practical and economical window is ideal for small rooms. One sash opens inward and tilts to permit ventilation and hassle-free cleaning from the inside. The second sash remains fixed.

Double Hung Tilt Windows

doubletilt1Double-hung windows offer homeowners a traditional, classic look while providing the most ventilation options. Both sashes tilt inward to allow fresh air into the home and to allow effortless cleaning from inside the house. A full size screen permits ventilation from top to bottom. The exterior frame is beveled for an elegant and pleasing appearance.

Single Hung Tilt Windows

singletilt1The single hung tilt window combines traditional styling with innovative design features. The top sash is fixed while the bottom sash tilts inwards to allow fresh air to enter and to make cleaning both sides of the glass from the inside, safe and easy. The exterior frame is beveled for an elegant and pleasing appearance. Single Hung Tilt Windows are also designed to fill large openings.

Fixed Windows

fixed1Non-opening, low or standard profile, fixed windows make replacement of old windows simple and quick. The lower profile maximizes the viewing area. Fixed windows are ideal when the customer wishes to have a large expanse of window to allow for a panoramic view. They can be easily and elegantly combined with any other window style.

As well as offering standard shapes and sizes, our fixed windows can be made to a wide array of custom architectural requirements, including arches.

Awning Windows

awning1We offer awning windows, which are engineered for functionality as well as style. Their unique design allows them to open out from the bottom so that air is allowed to circulate into/from the home while snow and rain are kept out. They are available in single, stacked, or side-by-side styles.

Casement Windows

casement1We offer energy efficient casement windows. They are a very popular choice for any room in the house. Our casement windows are a classic and stylish combination of form and function.

We offer financing options for your windows or doors replacement or any other home improvements!

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