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Anna B

We are incredibly thankful to those at Meridian who had come down to our house the other day and replaced our old kitchen and dining room windows with our new energy efficient windows! The kitchen does not have a draft anymore and the fam can find comfort in having our meals at the dining room table now that our new windows are preventing the cold air from actually coming into our home. It is nice to know that the fam can sit down and have a proper dinner together without having to seek refuge under the blankets in our living room and eat off of the coffee table. It’s a great improvement to our house. Thanks, Meridian.

Shirley Martin

Meridian provided me with an exceptional package in terms of product quality, pricing and work schedule timing. The sales representative was very helpful and knowledgeable. She gave us quotation and detailed all the work step by step. The next day the installation crew installed the windows at my house. I was very satisfied with their determination and work excellence. Thank you.

Mr. Freiburger from Waterloo

When you first arrived at my house, I was very skeptical about some things you promised, but I was pleasantly surprised, from the first day that the installers came to measure, till the day of the installation. I wish that I needed more windows to replace! Thank you. The installation crew was very  polite, clean, and knowledgeable. The experience was very good and we will use services in the future. Thank you Yuri.


Lilian Angerman

I just can’t believe what a difference the front door made to improve the outside look of our house. Our family keeps giving us compliments on our doors as they were over for the holiday season. Everything was done exactly the same way as you promised me and would definitely recommend you to my neighbors, friends and family.


Lilian Angerman

Gary and Murphy from Calgary

The windows are beautiful and the double doors are fabulous! A special thank you to the installers, they did a great job and cleaned up everything after they left. I would gladly recommend your company to my family and friends. Dear sirs, A sincere thank you for the wonderful transformation to the exterior of our home!


Fred and Family from Calgary

Dear Meridian crew, I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding job you did at my place. When my neighbors James and Helen showed me their Windows last summer I had to give you guys a call. From the first meeting with Igor it became clear to me that you were the right people for the job. Although it was a big job. I appreciate you doing whatever it takes to complete the work within three days as promised. A commitment like this is hard to find. Thank you again, keep up the good work.

Lolly Miles from Calgary

I wish to thank you for sending us Constantine Ostrosky, your installer. I believe you must have sent me your best craftsman.  This young man is incredibly talented and his workmanship is perfection itself.

I am an old woman, I am 86 years old but I have never seen anyone work as hard and as quickly and as efficiently as Constantine did and he certainly had obstacles to overcome. When he put in the kitchen window there was a space of two inches between the top of the window and the frame and also a space of another two inches from the bottom of the window to the frame.  The window was four inches  too short.  I didn’t know what he could do but he said he would fix it and he did.  The four basement windows were too large and Constantine had to cut them down to fit and within five hours or maybe even less he had all nine windows installed and even during that time he took off time to go get a bite to eat.  I offered to make him coffee or something to eat but he was too busy to take the time.  The next day he came  back and completed the work and we now have windows that have been beautifully finished.  I could not have afforded to buy new windows so I am forever grateful.

My run away contractor not only ran away from the windows, which he and his girl measured incorrectly, he didn’t quite finish the bathroom and only did half of the floor covering which he was also supposed to do.

I know the greatest acrobats, ballerinas, hockey players and other artisans come from Russia and Ukraine and now I would say window installers are also included in that category.

Thanks once again for sending us Constantine Ostrosky. Please tell him to take time to smell the roses.

Sincerely,Lolly Miles

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