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Choosing Trim For Your Exterior Door

Choosing Trim For Your Exterior Door

Your exterior door can either be appealing or dreary and unwelcoming. Through choosing an inviting and complementary trim, your door can be amazingly showcased to the outside world. Updating your trim or shutters, doorway with paint can certainly boost the curb appeal, whether your abode is vinyl siding, aluminium, stone or brick. You must opt for a trim style or color that lets your exterior or front door to stand out in the neighborhood. Make sure it fits the style of the rest of your domicile’s exterior.

Factors to consider

Trim and moulding that are well-suited to your siding offer your home the most awesome look. In this regard, your search falls into two key areas;

  • Standard exterior trim – Trimboard, trim collections, sheetstock, trim systems work together to aptly turn the drab appeal of your exterior into welcoming one! These curb appeal contributors are now available in varied materials to suit your unique desires.
  • Decorative surroundings – You can call them door bling, window dressing, or entrance charisma. Used rightly, accessories, surrounds and mouldings can create connections with literally any home style.


There are some exterior trim color sorts and schemes, which do not do an abode’s front door justice. Whilst choosing the trim color options, first and foremost you must consider the color of your rest of the abode. Another option is to pick a front door trim color, which contrast the rest of your abode. Your exterior trim can certainly match your roof eaves, sills, window casings and cornices; but you must finally pick a color which does not contravene with the style of exterior door.

You can even choose an exterior trim color, which is a couple of shades lighter or darker than the exterior door. When you decided few color choices, take the specific color chips and aptly move them or otherwise make a large sample board with each of the paint samples option and then move it around the abode or yard to see which colors work fine.

Architectural essentials

You can even incorporate architectural elements or components into your exterior door’ trim in order to emphasize your home’s doorway. There many simple features to consider, using which you can add great aesthetic value to your trim. The most common style used is “fluted”, and moreover trims can even incorporate pediments that are positioned horizontally above your door. These come in different styles and shapes, such as arched, classical entablature, triangular and so on.

These are the two vital aspects that you need to ensure whilst choosing trim for your exterior door. You can even cover your door trim with amazing ceramic tile, which matches the style and color of the rest of your abode to enhance the beauty.

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