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Custom Windows

Looking to setup new windows at your home? Interested in new, freshly designed, modern and durable windows?

Depending on the structure of your home, traditional and factory made windows may not always work for your space. Custom windows on the other hand are fantastic in comparison to conventional norms. They are you unique in design, and are simply great to set your house apart from others in your neighborhood.

Custom windows are designed specifically to fit the spaces within your home.


Custom windows in Toronto and Calgary are traditionally made of strong metal components avoiding conventional, old-fashioned wooden construction. Most components can be easily changed or replaced, and screens are completely removable for easy cleaning.

Moreover, a custom replaced window is an amazing way that can cut down on drafts and adapt instantly to the natural light that comes into your home. If you find that your home is unreasonably drafty, especially around your windows, it may be a sign that its time to seek some form of replacement window in order to help you save on your heating bill and to ensure that your home is fully sealed.

Choose your Custom Windows ahead of winter time. It is important to protect your home against weather elements by investing in good, solid custom windows in Calgary and Toronto so that you can keep the harsh winter elements outside of your home. Older windows (or, in some cases, inexpensive factory windows) can really detract from the look of your home and cause many problems. Windows with bad seals, ones that are inappropriately shaped for your home, or ones with cheap locking mechanisms can all create problems. On the other hand, custom windows can help you get exactly what you need and will also give you more freedom of design to your home. Problems like condensation, rattling, drafts and windows being difficult to open or close are common problems for Canadians. Custom windows in Calgary and Toronto are fantastic to help combat these issues.

Custom windows can also increase the resale value of your home because they come with amazing benefits. As well as increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home, custom windows are far easier to clean, will help you save energy, and require much less maintenance than factory built prefabricated windows.

If you are interested in replacing your existing old windows with custom windows, or you would like a quote for installing custom windows in your new home, please contact Meridian Windows and Doors today. We are always available to take your phone calls and provide you with a free quote. Unlock the true design potential of your home and have better designed windows fit perfectly to your needs, consider Custom Windows today.

We offer financing options for your windows or doors replacement or any other home improvements!

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