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Fiberglass vs. Steel Entry Doors

It is the world of options. There are multiple options for everything and when you are out to buy something new, you could easily get confused. The same is the scene when it comes to choosing a new entry door for your house. Amidst all the choices, there are two that stand out from the others, steel and fibre glass. This is your guide for choosing what is most apt for you.

Fiberglass Entry Doors – features and advantages

Fibreglass is the new glass. It is highly durable and can withstand almost all climatic conditions. They have a very high tendency of maintaining shape and not cracking or rotting. Another added advantage that fibreglass has over steel is that it does not rust or corrode, hence saving you money spent for maintenance. They also help in keeping your insides very quiet and serene.

A good quality fibreglass door is available in almost all sizes, colours and styles, making them highly popular in the market. They are a direct competition with the classical wooden door. With various woodgrain and laminate finishes, a fibreglass door can be made to look exactly like a wooden one. All this at lower prices compared to oak or mahogany based doors. Also fibreglass is a very strong material and can keep your house safe from intruders. If attempted to break, they offer high amounts of strength and flexibility. They can take a lot of force and not give in.

Steel Entry Doors – features and advantages

Just like fibreglass doors discussed earlier, steel entry doors have a large number of advantages and features. These make the steel entry door a strong competitor for your new entry door and also an evergreen classic. Unlike wooden doors, these doors do not require constant maintenance and care

The main advantage of steel doors is that they are ultra-strong and do not bend or crack with time. They are highly resistant to temperature and extreme weather conditions. As they are strong, a steel entry door could go a long way in keeping your house safe and away from the reach of intruders. As these doors are not assembled from multiple parts, they are very environmental friendly. Also when compared to a classical wooden door, a steel frame door is better insulated and can help eliminate drafts and retain heat.

The choices are many and the contenders are strong. This choice can come down to weighing your preferences. If you want a classic, sturdy door, you could go for the steel door but if you want a door that has a classical wooden look and can last longer, you should just spend that extra bit of money and go for the fibreglass door. Visit our website to explore and find which door best suits your budget and needs!

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