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Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows- Which Is The Better Option For Your House?

If you have planned to replace your old and drafty windows, but if you are not aware of any replacement techniques, then you are at the right place. For most of the people purchasing windows is a tedious task. While coming to Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows, both of these have its own benefits. But the thing is you need to make a proper decision as to which one suits you the most.Both fiberglass window’s and wooden glass windows are the ideal choice for residential and commercial applications, but still there are certain factors which make one item better over the other.

Here are listed with some of the major difference between Fibreglasses vs. Wood Windows:

  • Energy efficient

Both these types of windows are energy efficient which make these windows environmental friendly alternative for your home. But still if you want best eco-friendly material than fiber glass is the ideal choice would be. Fiberglass windows can be considered as the best energy efficient choice for your home because of its strength to resist warping and expanding.

  • Cost

If you have some knowledge about these fiberglass window’s and wood windows, then probably you would have seen that wooden windows are quite expensive rather than fiberglass windows. As wooden windows sought after, considering their beautiful designs, thus wooden windows are expensive. Even fiberglass windows are also expensive when compared with other materials like vinyl and aluminum, but they are affordable when compared with wooden materials.

  • Maintenance

Fiberglass windows are quite easy to maintain, but whereas the wooden materials requires regular sanding and painting maintenance in order to give it a new look. On the other hand, in the case fiber glass, just cleaning the window with soap water gives new look to your window for long lasting years.

  • Durability

Fiberglass windows are quite stronger and durable than wooden windows in all the aspects. Almost all of you are having wooden windows for your house and you have also seen that it is more prone to undesirable climatic conditions, warping and cracking. On the other hand, fiberglass is less prone to environmental conditions like expansion and contraction. It leads to longer life span of the glass and good energy efficiency.

After going through the comparison of fiberglass and wooden windows, now you can make better decision regarding purchase of your home windows.

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