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How to Clean External Doors & Windows Correctly

You might not have experienced in your day-to-day activities that if you clean the doors in your house, it’ll produce a good impression on anyone who happens by. In previous years, there was a period, when cleaning a window or door used to be quite a puzzling task for those who is not skilled in cleaning them.

Want to get your windows and doors really clean? It’s much easier than you think. If you’re not confident how to clean your exterior doors correctly, here you’ll find some helpful suggestions to clean external doors as well as windows properly.

Remove the dust

Remove the surface dirt before you apply any type of cleaning solution. Jumping directly to wiping down a door will undoubtedly spread the free dust and dirt all around, developing a bigger mess.

Make a solution

To clean glass of your windows or doors, create a solution with a squirt of washing up fluid, four cups of warm water and six tablespoons white vinegar. This will do a fantastic job of eliminating most of the marks that you are prone to get on your windows.

Use paper towels

Once the door is clean of debris and dirt, use paper towels to clean door areas. Sponges and normal towels can hold a lot of bacteria. By using a heavy-duty paper towel helps to ensure that bacteria doesn’t transfer debris and dirt from one door to another. You may also make use of an old toothbrush and dish soap to get in the corner spaces and remove dirt. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe your door dry after cleaning it.

Clean Glass

You need to thoroughly clean your windows frequently to remove the water spots and other filthy patches that show up over time. Spray the glass with your cleaning solution, and then make use of a scrubber to remove any noticeable debris, and then rinse the area with plain water.

Once the outside of the screen is clean, you should clear the inside too. Yet again, to avoid blotches, start at the top of the window and perform your way down. Wipe the dust and dirt from the window, and ensure that the paths and sides are clean too.

Spray the cleaner

Spray the cleaner onto the window or door glass and then wipe it off making use of small circular motions. You can also use vertical and horizontal motions to wipe away the cleaner using a soft towel. If you have cleaned the entire window, check out any remaining deposits from the cleaning solution. If you spot any kind of, spray some ordinary water onto that spot and clean it up with a fresh cotton cloth.

You should thoroughly clean your windows and doors on a regular basis to prevent too much debris from building up.

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