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Patio Doors

200x200_imagine_cont_2Patio doors are the sliding or hinged doors that open to either to your deck or your backyard. The right style of Patio door can really accent the overall look of your house. There are many styles of patio door that you can choose from and we offer a vary large variety.



Series 300

200x200_r301Series 300 is composed of a 4-5/8 inch all-PVC frame . Its new generation design has an internal slope allowing more efficient drainage.

This series offers three types of panels to meet consumers’ expectations. They are also Energy Star qualified, the reference in product performance.

The models of series 300 are:

  • R-301 (Full light version)
  • FR-301 (Full light version w/ Decorative french panel)
  • R-370 (Canadian and American versions)

Series 400

Series 400 offers the same advantages as Series 300 – a qualified, high-performance welded PVC frame.

Series 400 differs because there is an added ”structural wood” portion offering increased rigidity, and the possibility of manufacturing frames ranging from 5-5/8 inches to 9-1/4 inches.

The models of series 400 are:

  • R-401 (Full light version)
  • FR-401 (Full light version w/ Decorative french panel)
  • R-470 (A ‘garden door’ that slides)

Series 500

200x200_r550_3 The classic R500 door has evolved in two different products. The R550/FR550, a PVC cladded wood frame and welded sash, and the R530 with a PVC cladded wood frame and a mechanically assembled sash.

Series 500 comes in the following models:

  • R-550 (Full light version)
  • FR-550 (Built with a sturdy frame and panel structure)
  • KD-530/550 (Available as ‘knock down’ versions)


200x200_elementWith its unique design, the new ELEMENT door is the result of a combination between aluminum, PVC, and wood. Developed with high production standards, Element uses aluminum for durability properties and lifespan. In addition, the PVC provides an airtight and leak-proof barrier from all types of weather conditions. ELEMENT adheres to strict energy-efficient regulations, allowing it offer optimal thermal insulation. ELEMENT is also very sturdy and rigid thanks to its wood-frame construction.


Series 700

Series 700 is a steel sliding door that has a combination of two rows of sliding panels. They are a good choice for your household when increased performance is required.

Series 700 have the following models:

  • R-285 (Aluminum solarium sliding door)(uninsulated)
  • R-775 (4-panel aluminum patio door with aluminum frame)
  • R-700 (4-panel aluminum patio door with a wood frame)

R-1600 Garden Door

200x200_r1600_ext_2The R-1600 is an entirely PVC hinged door and is styled after European models.

The R-1600 offers many additions:

  •   Outswing and inswing sill
  •   Prefinished interior moulding
  •   Low-E blinds between the glass
  •   Wide choice of handle finishes
  •   Steel Reinforcements for structural pourposes
  •   Multipoint locking system w/deadbolt and key lock for added security

Imagine Patio door

200x200_imagine_ext_2The Imagine patio door is a very versatile sliding garden door, suited for everything from urban to country. A sturdy PVC door with numerous options, and of course, Energy star qualified.


Redesigned outswing and inswing sill (ADA optionnal)
Prefinished interior moulding option
Innovative low-E blinds between the glass option
1” clear insulating tempered glass with non-conductive «Edgetech Super Spacer» for better energy efficiency and to optimize superspacer2.JPG condensation resistance
Sash corners fusion welded at 45 degrees to eliminate air and water infiltration
Full-length fixed geared hinge, made of anodized aluminium, for durability and optimum weather resistance. Screwed into the aluminium reinforcements to eliminate any form of sagging
Wide choice of handle finishes
Steel Reinforcements in the sashes for better structural results
Multipoint locking system with central deadbolt and key lock for increased security and better weather resistance

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