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Tips on Inspecting Your Home’s Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in your home need the maintenance and proper care to last for many years in harsh winters. Below are great tips that can help you inspect and discover any damage or leaks around your windows and doors:


  • Take a glance around your windows and doors that may have large gaps letting outside air in. Breaks or Gaps in windows and doors usually occur around damaged caulking, rot in the structures, crumbled window panes or exterior doors, and around locks that won’t fully shut due to jams or bending. For exterior doors, sunlight arriving beneath the doorway entails a lot of air is leaking into your home.


  • Examine windows for cracks in the window panes, and check your doors for any huge breaks in the door itself. If you locate any cracks in either the windows or entry doors, you will need to replace them. This is a superb time for you to spend money on energy efficient designs, which can be suggested by door and window companies in your town.


  • Window companies may also suggest that you give your doors and windows a shake to check if they rattle. If they do, it indicates that there is room in between the frame and the window or door. Fortunately, this issue can be effortlessly fixed by applying caulking or weather strip protection to the encompassing frame.


  • Locks are an additional spot where air can leak in. If your door lock seems like it is jamming, it might mean the knobs need tightening up. Problems with the locks also reveal that the door is loose in its frame that may be solved with weather strip protection. For windows, look for top locks that don’t fully squeeze into the latches, loose cranks on casement glass windows, and double-hung windows that don’t shut strongly. Most of these window issues are often repaired by tightening latches or utilizing caulking and weather stripping, but if you’re uncertain what needs to be carried out, window companies are always open to make fixes.


  • Perform a home air pressure examination to find more compact air leaks around your doors and windows. To get this done, lock your entire windows and doors, shut all vents, and turn on all of your current exhaust fans. Following, pass a burning stick of incense across the openings of all windows and doors. The fumes from the incense will assist you to identify any places that air is rushing in.


Your home requires regular examinations to keep it working efficiently – an annual home check is a fast and simple way to check out any potential repairs and maintenance issues. When performing a proper home check, follow the above tips to inspect the interior and exterior of your home for obvious indications of damage, destruction or minor issues that may trigger larger problems later on.


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