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Vinyl Window Replacement Toronto and Calgary

different size vinyl windowsHere is a little bit of history. Poly vinyl chloride, also known as the PVC, came to North America in the late 1960’s. It was manufactured first in post-war Europe, due to the shortage of wood, and was meant to replace it. Later, with its use in various industries, many had found out that it was not only a good replacement for wood, but it was far better than wood in many aspects that we will re-count shortly.

After arriving in Canada, it began its slow distribution in many fields and it’s popularity has been on a steady rise ever since. In recent years, as wood shortages are becoming a possible threat even in the wood abundant parts of Canada, it started to be used in the window industry. Since then we are seeing more and more people choosing vinyl window replacement in Toronto, Calgary and many other cities.

Vinyl as a material is superior to others for many reasons, of which the most important ones are:

  • 026Durability: Vinyl does not expand, shrink or dry up like wood or aluminum, and will withstand the harsh Canadian weather conditions.
  • Ease of application: You can cheaply cut it to any shape and size, and build any frame that you can imagine without needing extra heavy duty machinery or special welding tools that materials such as aluminum may require.
  • Cost efficiency: Vinyl is cheap to produce and is therefore priced very modestly in the window frame market, making it more accessible for the average home owner.
  • Easy to maintain: Its color and texture are a part of its structure, and will not peel, crack or fade, as would the colors and stains you will need to re-apply to a wooden frame once they are damaged. Cleaning it is easy – a swipe of a wet cloth and you are done.
  • Energy efficiency: This is one of the most important factors nowadays, as Canadian homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of energy saving. Due to its high R-value, the vinyl window is a superior insulation material and will save you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity expenses, not to mention the comfort and ease of regulating your living environment’s temperature in the cold winters and hot summer days.

If you want to know more, contact the Toronto and Calgary vinyl window replacement experts and get a free estimate. You may even catch a promotion or discount, and in any case you will be pleased and surprised to find out how good our prices really are! Call us now and get your brand new vinyl windows today

For those main reasons and many others, it is becoming known to many homeowners in Toronto and Calgary, that vinyl window replacement is one of the best options available nowadays in the market.

We offer financing options for your windows or doors replacement or any other home improvements!

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