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Vinyl Windows & Installation

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Vinyl Windows

Before you set in stone which material you want to use for your new windows, I can guarantee it was a poor decision- unless of course, you chose a Vinyl window. An installation of Vinyl windows on your home will, by far, be the best decision you could make.

The most common choices are wood, aluminum and vinyl within the market, though vinyl is becoming increasingly popular.  Perhaps some of the main reasons everyone raves about vinyl windows is because of its durability, or how cost effective it is. Maybe it is everyone’s first choice because it is so easy to maintain and does not involve a constant baby sitter, or even it’s easy production. Another plus? It allows you to choose any and all windows styles because it is so easy to shape and cut to size. There is no limit on the style you wish to have. An added benefit includes their R- value.   The higher the R- value, the better resistance to cold or heat it will have.

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Bay Vinyl Windows (Installed in Calgary)

Although wood has a generally much-loved feel, it is not anywhere close as low maintenance, or of high efficiency as the vinyl window. Cleaning them is easy and they have no need to be painted for their colour is part of their structure, so re-painting your windows will never be a problem.  Vinyl windows are far more superior to others for the most important reasons. Vinyl does not expand, shrink or dry up like any other material (wood or aluminum), thus making them superheroes in withstanding harsh weather conditions. Not only so, but you can cheaply cut Vinyl into multiple different shapes and sizes, as well as construct any frame that you can imagine without the need of huge, excess materials and machinery. These types of windows are also ridiculously cheap to produce, which is why it is so modestly priced in the window frame market, making it easily accessible for the average home owner.  It’s colour and texture are a part of its structure, and will not peel, crack or fade- as would the colours and stains you will need to re-apply to a wooden frame once damaged. Cleaning it is too easy – a swipe of a wet cloth and you are done! Nowadays, homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of their energy saving and the environment. Due to its high R-value, vinyl windows are a superior insulation material and will save you hundreds of dollars every year in electricity expense! How great?

Window style and shape trends vary widely. Depending on where you live, you may get more doses of sunshine as per say someone in another climate. Certain countries get fewer months of sunshine, so in the short period they are in; you will want to soak in as much of it as you can. Large panels, sun windows and solariums are amongst the very popular choices. To increase the amount of natural light that you get inside your home, you can choose bow or bay windows that protrude outwards from the wall, thus creating spaces for seating ledges that are hit with sun from all angles while providing you with a clear, gorgeous view.

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