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What Are Egress Windows?

Egress window is one type of window which is required in specific locations in a house and it is mainly used to provide emergency exit from a dwelling. The windows must meet specific criteria like size, quality and requirements in order to qualify as an egress window.

The Egress windows are necessary in every room which is used for sleeping purposes on the floor and also in any basement having huge space. Installing an egress window is not an easy task as it involves a number of factors involved. So, it’s better to hire professionals in this regard. If you are planning to install Egress window on your own, there are plenty of factors to be considered:

  • In order to start with the project, make sure that you have a clear plan documented so that you can avoid all sorts of messy counter issues at the later stages. This will aid you in keeping your project organized.
  • If you don’t build proper Egress window at first time, as per the building requirements, then you need to break down all the things and start with new construction. Remember that egress window can’t be more than 44 inches from the bottom level. Egress window has to be 20 inches wide and 24 inches long. Your window dimension needs to be 20X41 or 24X34 ½ inches.
  • Even the well strictly follows the requirements. At least it has to be 36 inches wide. A wall which is deeper than 44 inches must and should be provided with a ladder to provide an easy exit.
  • All the egress window wells should provide for a certain amount of headroom and should allow for installation as well. Your basement should be high enough in order to allow for the headroom or else they won’t meet the egress window requirements. This is one of the reasons to check the project with the building inspector to avoid any sort of issues at the later stages.
  • Finally, you need to choose the window required for your window egress well. A casement window in this regard will provide you with a quite large area which is contained within a small frame. Double window and a gliding window will have larger frames in order to provide an equal amount of the overall open area and this could lead to problems during the installation process.

Be clear with your requirements prior you start with your project.

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