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Why You Should Not Use Stained Glass For Your Home Windows


New windows can enhance the value and beauty of your home one of the main reasons behind the window replacement is to save your money on your energy bills. In order to find out the window type that keeps your house comfortable and dry, you need to look out the features of particular window type. Choose the window that is easy to clean and maintain.

The stained glass windows for your home windows are not suitable. These types of windows are not a better option for your home windows when you are looking for the clear textured energy efficient and light colored windows. You can use these types for only decorative purposes, but it is not suitable for houses, as it is not energy efficient. Here are some disadvantages of the stained glass windows are listed below.

The disadvantages of stained glass windows

  • Limited light is one of the biggest disadvantages of the stained glass. The light can pass through these types of windows, but the dark color a busy design can limit the amount of light passed through them. This nature of stained window makes your home darker. The light is the one of the significant aspects when it comes to your home’s appearance. So the stained glass windows make your home and rooms darker and you need to depend on the lighting system all the time; end up with high hydro bills. So these windows are not energy efficient.
  • In addition to this obstructed view is also one of the main drawbacks of using the stained glass window in your house. These types of windows offer you with privacy, but indistinct vision works both ways. When you are looking in or out the sceneries can be appeared blurry and also like washed in color. So the visibility is also one of the main drawbacks of using these types of windows in your home.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the stained glass window is not so easy. If you use the wrong methods to clean this window, then it will break the glass and harm the window more. The stained galls object can easily collect the smoke from candle, dust, dirt. So needs regular cleaning and maintenances. So using the stained glass windows for your home is not a cost effective idea. You need to spend more money for regular maintenance and cleaning of windows.

Over use

When you used these types of glasses as an accent piece, it will be more pleasant and eye catching one. But if you use these types of glasses for your entire house, it may look garish instead of elegant. So it is advisable to avoid choosing the stained glass for your home windows. So choose the window type that keeps your home comfortable and also beautiful.

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